Free information meetings about breastfeeding


De Eilanden Maternity Care offers our clients a free breastfeeding information meeting, which is given by a specially trained maternity care consultant.


Good preparation during the pregnancy, by both you and your partner, increases the chances of a relaxing and pleasant start with your future baby. During information meeting, “The Foundation of Breastfeeding”, the information necessary for making a good start to breastfeeding is covered. The meetings are organized  in Hellevoetsluis and Dordrecht. We also have information meetings in Rotterdam.


By recognizing your baby’s behavior, it becomes progressively easier to respond to his or her needs. Additionally, the timely identification of, and solution to any issues can ensure a relaxed breastfeeding period. The subjects covered are:

  • breastfeeding: how does it work?
  • is the baby latched on properly?
  • what do you need to pay attention to when latching?
  • how do you ensure that milk production is going well?
  • how do you recognize feeding signals?
  • how do you know if your baby is drinking enough?
  • how often and how long do you feed?
  • feeding on demand?
  • what types of feeding positions are there?
  • how can you recognize, solve and prevent any potential problems?
  • when do you need help?
  • how big is the role of the partner and the surroundings?


Of course you will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


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