Personalized maternity care


Maternity care needs differ per person. Some people have a lot of help from family. Perhaps you’re pregnant with your first baby and you want as many hours of maternity care as possible. The number of maternity care hours is tailored to your situation.


The intake meeting

During an intake meeting, all matters surrounding preparation for childbirth and the maternity period are discussed. Family composition, the presence of pets, etc. are all covered. We’d like to tell you more about our organization and the maternity care you can expect from us. The benefits of breastfeeding are also discussed. Additionally, we’re very interested in your wishes!


The intake meeting takes place no later than the 7th month of your pregnancy. In cases of multiple births, the meeting is no later than the 6th month. Is this your first child or are there special circumstances? Then we always come to your house. If you’ve already had a child, the meeting will usually take place over the phone.


Number of maternity care hours

The number of maternity care hours is determined as objectively as possible with the national maternity care indication protocol. These are the guidelines with which the nature (the content of care) and the amount (the number of care hours) of maternity care needed is assessed.


There are three occasions when the type of maternity care is examined. We call this the assessment formula.


The first occasion is at a gestational period of at least 36 weeks. A specially trained staff member discusses the content of the maternity care with you. What do you and your family need? The number of maternity care hours is initially based on this. If all goes well during the delivery, you will receive the standard 49 hours of maternity care.


But not everything is known before the birth. That’s why there are two other occasions when we look at what care should be offered. This occurs on the day of the birth and on the third or fourth day after the birth. Your midwife and maternity carer do the second and third assessments together. If necessary, the care provided will be adapted to the new need for care. We call this a reassessment.


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