When does our maternity care start?


We want to provide you with a care-free maternity period. A time when you can enjoy your baby. That’s why our maternity carers aren’t just there for you after you give birth. They can also be there during delivery. Even when your baby spends the first few days in an incubator, we’re there for you.


Maternity care

Our maternity care can begin whenever you want. Always be sure to discuss this with your midwife.


Home birth

Giving birth in your own familiar surroundings often has a very positive effect on the progress of your labor. You usually feel freer and other family members can be more involved with the baby’s arrival.


The midwife calls us when the baby is about to be born. Our maternity carer will be at your house within an hour. She will get everything ready and support the family during the birth. Depending on the time you give birth, she’ll stay for at least 2 hours after the birth of the placenta to care for and check on you and your baby. She’ll also clean up the materials used during delivery.


It’s important to know that these hours won’t be deducted from the maternity hours agreed upon with you. Additionally, every health care provider reimburses the number of care hours provided during a home birth.

Maternity care after hospitalization

It’s possible that your baby will have to stay in the hospital for a while. In such cases (especially with a first baby), you miss the advice that the maternity carer would normally give you during this time. Some health care providers still offer their policy holders the opportunity to receive a number of maternity care hours. Ask your health care provider what the conditions are or give us a call.


Hospital birth

When you get home from the hospital, a maternity nurse will be there within the agreed time. Even if you come home in the evening or late at night. She’ll stay for at least two hours to check on your baby. She’ll also provide you with information about how to take care of your baby yourself during the evening and night. The next day she’ll be ready to start the maternity care again.

In some hospitals, a maternity carer can assist during delivery. You can ask about this at the hospital.


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